Free Gift For Posting on TeachersMag

Free Gift For Posting on TeachersMag

As a teacher you probably have lots of photos taken from class activities you’ve done or school events. Please add a post with these photos and write about what you did and how it went. We love to see descriptions of crafts and how they were made.

And if you do so you’ll get the gift of a free printable to use in you classroom!

How to Get Your Free Gift

First make a post by clicking on the, "Add Post,' button to go to a page where you can create your own piece to publish! Please make sure your post contains your name, descriptive text about what you are posting (a minimum of 100 English words  -- 10-15 sentences) and anywhere from 2 to 10 photos (jpg)!

We can only accept your own personal text and photos which are your own personal copyright/intellectual property (no clipart!

After you publish a post please comment on the page with the printables you would like to receive as a gift.

You can find the free gifts you are able to select from on this page: Choose a gift

Throughout the day we always are sure to check posts that have been published and once we see your contribution as well as your comment (make sure you are logged-in so the noted post's author matches the comment) you will be sent an email link to download your desired free gift!

Should you be unsure what kind of post to make we have some helpful examples!

Thanks again for joining TeachersMag and we look forward to you sharing your posts with your fellow teachers!

Free Gift For Posting on TeachersMag
November 23, 2019
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