Free Gift For Posting on TeachersMag

Free Gift For Posting on TeachersMag

Free Gift For Posting on TeachersMag

How to Get a Free Printable

As a teacher, you probably have lesson plans or ideas to share, as well as photos that you've taken during school lessons and classes. Please add a post with your own material and as well as your photos and write about what you did as well as how it went.

And if you do so you’ll get the gift of a free printable to use in you classroom!

Posts are accepted in most languages!

How to Add a Post

1. Click the "Add Post" link,

2. Add photos (2 to 10 photos) and descriptive text about your classroom activity/craft/lesson. Please explain how to do any lessons or crafts so others can follow your example!

3. Click the "Publish Post" button.

After publishing the post, leave a comment on the page stating the printable forms that you would like to receive as a gift.

You can see and choose the pictures you desire by following the link "Free printables".

Publishing Rules

We only accept your own personal text and your own photos. Images and text copied from the Internet will not be accepted for publication. Please post in your own native language!

Throughout the day, we always check the latest posts, and as soon as we see your submission as well as your comment, you will be sent a link to download the images in a private message on the site!

If you're not sure what kind of post to write, we have some helpful examples!

* Here are some examples of messages from preschool teachers.

* In addition, here are examples of some of the posts done by

kindergaerten and elementary school teachers.

Thanks again for joining TeachersMag and we look forward to sharing your messages with other teachers!

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Free Gift For Posting on TeachersMag
November 23, 2019
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