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Halloween Worksheets
These worksheets are great fun to do during the Halloween season! They are full of witches, ghosts, and other things that perfectly fit the spooky theme! Halloween Worksheets Witch's Potion Worksheet Help the witch brew the potion. Connect the items with the same first letter in their...


Printable Halloween-Themed Crafts for Kids
These printable Halloween crafts are great fun and make stellar decorations once you've finished creating them. Make some and then place them out or hang them up for some spooky decor! Magic Cones Cut and glue the cones. For this craft, you can make cones to use as a decoration! To do...


Halloween Puzzles Preschool Activity Pack
These Halloween-themed puzzles are great to do during the Fall months before Halloween. They are fun and educational! Halloween Monster Puzzles These monster-themed puzzles involve matching the correct body parts of the monsters to where they belong once they've been cut into separate...


Halloween Toilet Paper Roll Monster Craft
This fun craft involves taking a toilet paper roll and then gluing-on these printables to make a fun Halloween-themed piece of decor! There is a Jack o' lantern, scarecrow, and vampire that can all be used for this fun craft! To create your toilet paper roll monster you simply...


Fall-Themed Number Puzzles
These Fall-themed Number Puzzles are a great way to tie in the Autumn and Halloween season with learning how to count-up numbers! As can be seen when looking at the number puzzles, they are all different kinds of puzzles. They can be printed out ( a heavier cardstock...


Printable Halloween Matching Game for Kids
This fun Halloween-themed matching game involves a witch with different sacks of ingredients! This is a great activity to use in the Autumn months as Halloween approaches. This game is educational as it has children count-up the items in each sack so as to match them to the witch's requested...


Printable Halloween Puppets
Are you excited for Halloween? We sure are! We designed 2 fun printable Halloween puppets and they make the perfect DIY project to do at a Halloween party with the kids ( either at home or in the classroom. Let’s have some fun crafting these Halloween monsters! Printable Halloween...


Halloween-Themed Counting Clip Cards
These Halloween-themed counting clip cards are a great way to help your preschooler or pre-k student learn to count-up and identify numbers while also improving their fine motor skills! These make for some great spooky fun! Printable Halloween Counting Clip Cards How to use...


Germ Counting Clip Cards
For this fun game, you have kids count-up the number of germs on each of the pictured hands. Then, they mark the correct answer after counting. This activity helps to strengthen fine motor skills and build-up math skills in preschoolers and kindergarteners. This fun...


Fall Colors Printable Sorting Activity for Preschoolers
These printables are fantastic for doing a sorting activity! You can print-out each color and the items that correspond to it. Then ask children to match everything that goes with the represented colors that have the text. There are a number of colors that have printables. You can mix-up all...


Autumn-Themed Worksheets for Matching and Organizing
These worksheets are themed for Autumn and are great to use as Fall arrives in your region. They feature worksheets for sorting by size and a worksheet that involves matching leaves to their shadows! These worksheets task students with taking the objects on the sheet they...


Desert Worksheets
These desert worksheets are all themed for those hot and sandy landscapes! These are a great way to learn various subjects while tying them in with a desert theme. More or Less Count and compare. Draw a sign more > or less < For this worksheet, you draw a greater than ( >) or...


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