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I am the proud Father of my son, Clarkson, and love to write professionally and for my own blog, The Newest Rant ( about popular culture.
Collaborative Art Activity For Little Ones
At Curious Kids Preschool, they engaged in a collaborative art activity with their two-year-old class. The idea was to focus on the process as opposed to the final art product, encouraging collaboration and teamwork to make something everyone contributed to. Once this collaborative art was...


Making Pixel Drawings Over Zoom
At San Francisco Pacific Academy they did a very fun art activity over Zoom! The kids made pixel drawings as a group on the video call. It was a stellar way to develop motor skills and everyone's concentration as they filled in individual squares in order and then showed-off their creations to...


Making a Paper-Based Kindness Quilt
At St. Mark School, Stratford, the kids from PreK all the way to 8th grade did a great craft activity focused on kindness. Every student had a paper, "Patch, " they drew on and decorated with the message imparted by the quilt piece being the importance of kindness. Then, teachers linked all...


Farmers' Market Dramatic Play Activity
At Bright Beginnings Daycare/Preschool, the kids had a fantastic time engaging in dramatic play where they pretended to shop at a farmers' market! They used various skills as a part of their dramatic play as well! Kids weighed the pretend food items with a food scale, this allowed them to...


Making Color Potions
At Harvest Preschool & Child Care they made, "Hot potions, " where they mixed different waters with food coloring to make neat color blends! They used water droppers which allowed them to develop their fine motor skills and it was a great time! Materials needed to make color potions To...


Harvest Theme Decorating
At Mother Goose Early Learning Campus, they decorated the classroom for the Fall with a beautiful harvest theme! The setup was wonderful for helping children to learn as they play. Scarecrow and pumpkins Nothing says, "Harvest time, " more than scarecrows, pumpkins, and some hay!...


Holding an Ice Cream Social
Currently, it can be hard to have a group event, but with social distancing and safety standards it can be done, or you can always plan one in the future! In the recent past, they had an ice cream social at La Casa Preschool and it was a great deal of fun! Ice Cream-themed decorations...


Making Paper Plate Flowers
At Carousel Learning Academy of Laredo, they made paper plate flowers! With some work, the paper plates looked beautiful and just like real-life flowers! Materials needed to make paper plate flowers To make your own paper plate flowers you will need the following: *Paper plate *Scissors...


Transportation-Themed Week Activities
At Little Explorers Preschool, they had a week themed for transportation! They had lots of fun doing activities themed for land, air, and sea travel! The children studied all kinds of transportation with a helpful display. Books were read about transportation and traffic--something...


Fall Trees Paint Stamping Craft
At Miss Vicki's Daycare, the children had a fun time creating their own Fall trees via paint stamping and gluing a picture of themselves under the tree they created! Materials needed for this craft To do this Fall trees craft you will need: *Red, yellow, and orange paint--acrylic or...


Mondrian-Inspired Art Activity
At Reach for the Stars Childcare, they did an art activity inspired by the great painter, Mondrian. Mondrian used geometric shapes and bright colors to create his works, something the children had a ball doing as well. They used construction paper instead of paint to make less of a mess,...


Jackson Pollock-Inspired Class Activity
At Carriage House Children's Center, they did a fun group activity inspired by Jackson Pollock! They took turns splattering paint on a large paper canvas that was put into squirt bottles. It had everyone laughing and having a stellar time! Materials needed for this activity To do this...


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