Triangle Collage Activity for Little Ones

Triangle Collage Activity for Little Ones

Triangle Collage Activity for Little Ones

At The Learning Experience at Deerfield Beach, the youngest students had fun doing a triangle collage! The kiddos were given construction paper triangles and practiced putting them on another piece of paper covered in glue so that they could make their collages.

Materials needed for this activity

To do this triangle collage you will need the following:

*A piece of construction paper for mounting

*Another piece of construction paper (in a different color)



How to do this activity

1. Cut triangles out of one of the pieces of construction paper.

2. Apply glue all over the other piece of construction paper.

3. Give your young students the triangles.

4. Watch the students stick the triangles on the glue-covered paper.

5. Wait for the glue to dry and show everyone the triangle collages that were made!

Source for photos: The Learning Experience at Deerfield Beach

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Triangle Collage Activity for Little Ones
January 26, 2022
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