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Forming a Blue Triangle

Forming a Blue Triangle

Today I have a simple idea for recognizing shapes and it is super fun for kids, you can make it in your class or even at home with your little kid.

The only material that you need is the:

- colored tongue pressure.

and the optional materials are:

- U-Shape files

- Canson

- shapes mats (could be limanated)

it helps them to use all of their senses so sound and they can recognize the formation of the shape faster.

ask your student to form the shape (whatever you want) with (specific color) or even different colors if he/she knows the colors.

Also, you can use this game for counting, so it's gonna be a perfect integration.

if the students are still struggling with doing that you can give them a hint like printable shape mats or even drawing shape using Canson and maybe you can use U-shape files.

here is my idea, hope you like it.

Thanks for reading and for your time :).

Forming a Blue Triangle
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Forming a Blue Triangle
October 15, 2022
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