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blue sky sensory tray

blue sky sensory tray

this is a sensory activity for toddlers which they gonna enjoy it. you can add more resources according to your needs.

it's really suitable for spring them, as you can set the sensory outside so the kids can get some fresh air while they can detect the blue sky, sun, birdes or airplanes.

for this activity you gonna need only few resources, and its taste safe for all the kids that they like mouth tasting.

i tried this activity with my little ones in my nursery. they loved this activity and it made them busy for a long time.

the resources you gonna need for this sensory are:

-colored rice (you can always color the rice, using paint and vinegar. if it's for babies it's better to use food coloring and vinegar. after that just mix everything together and let it dry overnight, and you can store for a long time and reuse anytime you need).

- pasta for making a lovely sun.

- you can also add birds or airplanes to your sensory.

blue sky sensory tray
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blue sky sensory tray
October 23, 2022
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