Ice Cube Tray Letters

Ice Cube Tray Letters

Each morning when my Kiddos arrive, I have some fine motor or letter work set up my tables. I made a letter activity out of ice cube trays and magnet letters and it was a hit with my 3 and 4 year old students. I wrote every letter in random order and added some tweezer for extra difficulty. For my 4 year olds, I offer upper and lower letters.

I have also done AB and ABBA patterns with mini eraser and gems. For this I find cheap themed mini erasers and target or the dollar store. I start off with completing the top row as an example and then I have my kiddos finish the bottom row. I add tweezers to this activity also. Once the kids have done this activity a few times, I ask them to make their own patterns. They can also “play teacher” and make a pattern on top row of a tray for a friend to finish or finish one that a friend has made. Any way you do it, this is an inexpensive and fun activity

Ice Cube Tray Letters
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Ice Cube Tray Letters
October 10, 2020
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