Ice cube painting

Marcy Wilson
Ice cube painting

Ice cube painting

I froze water colored with food coloring in ice cube trays. You can add a little flour for more opaque colors. I used freezer sticks from my house because I thought it would be easier for kids to hold. I was wrong after a little melting the sticks slipped out very easily.

We just grabbed a piece of paper towel and the kids had to hold the ice with paper towels. The paper towels worked ok but you really could not see what you were painting because the paper towels got in the way. Next time I’ll use regular craft sticks. Putting them in at a slant so the kids have more of a paint surface to paint. Kids loved it! Next time I would try water colors to dye water to see if I get brighter colors. Maybe add more coloring then water. I would not do the father colors. Purple turned more of a brown. The lighter colors work better and show up better.

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Ice cube painting
January 22, 2021
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