Painting With Mittens!

Painting With Mittens!

Painting With Mittens!

At Pawling Sunshine School, the kids read a fun book titled, "The Mitten," and then did a clever painting craft! "The Mitten," is by author Jan Brett and is about a bunch of animals crowding into a single mitten to try and stay warm in the snow! Inspired by this story, the kiddos used actual mittens as paintbrushes of sorts to paint their own paper mittens. They were using mittens to paint mittens!

Materials needed for this craft

To do this mitten painting craft you will need the following:

*White paper/white construction paper

*Mittens (snow mittens or oven mittens work)

*Paint (tempera or acrylic works well)

*Paper plates (to hold the various colors of paint)


How to do this craft

To do the mitten painting follow these steps:

1. Use your scissors to cut the white paper into the shape of a mitten.

2. Pour various colors of paint in your paper plates.

3. Take a mitten and dab it in the paint.

4. Use your paint-covered mitten to rub and splotch paint onto your paper shaped like a mitten.

5. Keep using paint on your mittens to create a colorful design on your paper mitten.

6. Once you are done painting, wait for everything to dry and display your colorful paper mitten!

7. At Pawling Sunshine School they also stapled onto their mittens quotes from the book, "The Mitten." You can do this too if you want.

Source for photos: Pawling Sunshine School

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Painting With Mittens!
February 5, 2021
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