Marble painting

Marcy Wilson
Marble painting

Marble painting

We used a big sheet of paper on the floor to help make clean up easier. Lots of shaving cream on the paper. Add a few drops of paint on the shaving cream. The kids used pop cycle sticks to mix the cream and paint to make different colors. We took a white piece of construction paper and layer it on top on an area that we thought would look cute. The kids then took squeegees and scraped off the shaving cream leaving a pretty marbled paper. The paper dried very quickly. I don’t have a picture but we liked how the papers looked so much we didn’t send them home. We cut out a heart shape and hung them up in our classroom to help decorate for Valentine’s Day. You could do the same process with shades of green for st Patrick’s day or lots of different colors would make really cool flowers for spring or for a cute Mother’s Day card

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Marble painting
March 16, 2021
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