Pom-Pom Painting Activity

.Grace Robinson
Pom-Pom Painting Activity

Pom-Pom Painting Activity

BrightPath Kids did a fun painting activity fabric pom-poms that was stellar for allowing the children to create art with dots, strokes, and designs. The toddlers benefitted from it greatly as it helped them develop their fine motor skills.

Materials need for the pom-pom painting activity

To do this activity you will need:

  • Pen/marker
  • Clothespins
  • Fabric pom-poms
  • Thicker paper--construction paper is good so the paint doesn't bleed through
  • Paint in containers (acrylic or tempera works well)

How to do the pom-pom painting activity

To do this activity follow these steps:

  1. Use your pen/marker to draw an assortment of lines that will be painted on and around.
  2. Attach your fabric pom-poms to the clothespins.
  3. Dip your pom-poms in the paint and dab them upon the paper on and around the lines made by the pen/marker.
  4. Cover all the lines and go in-between all the lines.
  5. Wait for the paint to dry and display your creation!

Source for photos: BrightPath Kids

Pom-Pom Painting Activity
July 9, 2020
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