About us

About us

TeacherMag.com has been designed to be a free online magazine dedicated to professional learning. Our goal is to make it possible for educators to have the ability to share with one another their best ideas as well as their classroom practices with one another anytime, anywhere.

We believe the most powerful resource teachers have is each other and that all teachers deserve access to one another.

Our vision is a space where all teachers can collaborate in order to make a greater impact, without being limited by experience or location. Furthermore, our goal is to ensure that every teacher we assist radiates with skill, joy, and confidence. After all, when teachers succeed, students thrive.

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How to Use TeachersMag

1. All of our registered users are invited and encouraged to publish their own ideas and creations. It is always great to share with colleagues and be shared with!

2. We are intended to be used by teachers only who exchange their ideas and creations with each other freely so as to help inspire one another with exciting ideas for educating their students. Whether that entails talking about classroom activities, crafts, discussions of your own personal experience, or just blogging about your working day we welcome anything you want to share!

3. All teachers are welcome but much of our content is geared towards preschool, kindergarten and primary school teacher. We will at times have just-for-fun contests with cute certificates you can print-out to shared with your students to show how their (and your) creativity is appreciated!

All materials published on our website teachers and editors for free use. Please respect copyright, do not distribute these materials on the Internet. If you want to share, you can post a link to the author's publications.


About us
August 4, 2019
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