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Guess who is drawing

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Guess who is drawing

Guess Who's Drawing:

Objective: Encourage children to express themselves creatively by drawing their classmates while having fun guessing who each drawing represents.

Materials Needed:

Drawing paper or index cards

Crayons or markers

Photos of classmates (optional)


Preparation (5 minutes):

Gather the children in a circle and introduce the activity.

Show photos of each classmate to ensure everyone is familiar with their appearance.

Drawing Round (15 minutes):

Each child is given a sheet of drawing paper or an index card.

Encourage the children to draw a simple picture of one of their classmates without using any words.

They can draw basic features such as hair color, eye color, and clothing.

Guessing Round (10 minutes):

Once the drawing round is complete, collect all the drawings.

Lay out the drawings on a table or the floor.

Each child takes turns guessing which classmate is depicted in each drawing.

Discussion and Reflection (5 minutes):

After all drawings have been guessed, gather the children in a circle to discuss the activity.

Encourage them to share what they enjoyed about the game and any observations they made about their classmates' drawings.

Sharing and Display (5 minutes):

Allow each child to show their drawing to the group and reveal which classmate it represents.

Display the drawings around the classroom or create a class gallery to showcase everyone's artwork.


Provide photos of classmates to use as reference while drawing.

Instead of drawing, children can use stickers or cut-out images to represent their classmates.

Play calming background music during the activity to create a relaxed atmosphere.

This simplified version of the game focuses on creativity and social interaction while keeping the activity engaging and age-appropriate for 3-year-olds.

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Guess who is drawing
April 24, 2024
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