Drawing Scary Monsters!

Drawing Scary Monsters!

Drawing Scary Monsters!

At Little Friends Child Care & Preschool they spent some of the class doing a fun drawing activity. They drew scary monsters to, "Scare," their teachers with. It was a great activity to tie-in with Halloween as that features spooky creatures as well.

Beautifully-illustrated monsters

The kids all made impressive monsters on their print-outs. Everyone talked about the kinds of things they think are scary--extra eyes, sharp teeth, certain colors--and then drew that for their monsters if they wanted. It was a craft project that encouraged immense creativity and allowed the children to have scary-themed fun without actually getting scared! The teachers remarked how impressively scary everything was as well!

Source for photos: Little Friends Child Care $ Preschool

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Drawing Scary Monsters!
October 26, 2020
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