Dental Health Printable Activities

Dental Health Printable Activities

Dental Health Printable Activities

These printable activity sheets are a helpful tool for teaching students all about dental health. They cover what kinds of food are good and bad for our teeth, the importance of brushing our teeth, and much more!

Toothbrush Number Writing

Have students count how many toothbrushes there are in each cup and write it below the toothbrushes. There is a black-and-white version of this worksheet as well for students to enjoy coloring!

Tooth Diagram

This activity sheet provides a handy diagram of all the parts found within a tooth for students to learn about.


The crab on this worksheet is clearly excited about his toothpaste! There are some black-and-white squares underneath him students can color, cut, and paste to match with the rest of the worksheet.

Useful and Harmful

Students trace a path that goes over only the foods that are good/less damaging to their teeth, avoiding the items known to be bad for our teeth (such as soda).


Students find how many times the listed items appear and write the answer at the bottom of the worksheet.

Monster Teeth Counting Worksheet

This worksheet has students count how many teeth each monster has and then write the answer in the nearby circle. There is a black-and-white version they can color-in for even more creative fun!


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Dental Health Printable Activities
December 28, 2019
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