Lesson Plan: Shape Monsters Activity for at-Home Learning

Lesson Plan: Shape Monsters Activity for at-Home Learning

Lesson plan Shape Monsters

This is the third lesson in a series of them about geometric shapes. These lesson plans are a great option to do with your child/children if they are currently learning at home due to recent World events. This activity is focused on making monsters out of shapes!

SWBAT assemble shapes in the shape of a monster, and record the number of each shape on the back of the Shape Monster.

1. Shape Monsters Objectives


Introducting the Activity to Your Child

This part of the activity should take about 10 minutes and has you making your own monster as an example for your child.

Being by discussing with your child what kinds of shapes you have learned: Circles, Triangles, Squares, and Rectangles.

Now tell your child how they are going to combine all of these shapes to create. Monsters!

Talk about how you will begin with a big shape. Once you pick what big shape you want to use, you will want to give their monster eyes--maybe two, but you could also do just one, three, or however many eyes you want!

Also, talk about giving their monster a nose in the shape of your choosing, or even skip using a nose!

Next, make sure to discuss how your monster will have a mouth and within its mouth will need something all monsters have: Teeth!

To create monster teeth you can take small triangles (those make pointy teeth).

Show your child how you take long and skinny rectangles to make the monster's arms and legs. YOu can have as many or as little arms and legs as you would like your monster to have!

Now write on the back of your monster how many of each shape you used.

You have now shown your child how you made your monster and it is your child's turn to create their own!

Independent Monster-Building

Give your child 25-30 minutes to build their own monster out of shapes. Encourage them to be creative and choose whatever shapes they like to create their monster!

Concluding Steps


Take 5 minutes to review what kind of monster your child made and note down with them how many shapes they used in total to create their monster.

Shape Monster Examples

Below are examples of monsters they made at a variety of preschools!

Lesson Plan: Shape Monsters Activity for at-Home Learning
Kingman Bridges to Learning Preschool

Here are some monsters made at Kingman Bridges to Learning

C.B. Watson Primary

There are the monsters they created at C.B. Watson Primary

Super Star Preschool

Super Star Preschool designed some great shape monsters too!

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Lesson Plan: Shape Monsters Activity for at-Home Learning
March 27, 2020
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