Painting with marshmallows

Teressa Mick
Painting with marshmallows

Camping Theme

To make this adorable fire pit, I used brown construction paper, 3 colors of paint and marshmellows. I used clothes pins to hold the marshmellows.

cut logs out of brown paper and use marshmallows to stamp on the fire. We used red paint, yellow paint and orange paint. After stamping the colors on, some of the kiddos rubbed the colors together, it looked great that way as well.

The kids loved this craft and could not believe we were painting with food!

We used the large marshmellows, but I am sure you can use any size you may already have on hand.

For easy clean up, I just threw everything in the trash once every student was finished with their fire pit.

I always take a group picture. You get to see eveyone's craft and I get to watch the progress as the year moves along.

I hope you are able to tryout this craft and enjoy it.

For some reason, this post will not let me add the photo of this craft.

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Painting with marshmallows
July 3, 2021
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