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Preschool working with animal theme...

Mahnaz Habibi
Preschool working with animal theme...

Preschool working with animal theme...

Preschool children are working with animal theme and this time, they worked with Dog, and this is what the results are.

First began we with choosing what kind of peals we want for our dog. than we started to cut the eyes and paste it on the face. The next steps was to fold the ears, and mouth. and this is how we make a dog.

doing craft is what our children in preschool likes to do every time.

we live in sweden and sends our regards to you who you are located in another corner of this world.

If you what to see more of what we, in preschool doing you are most welcome to visit our blogg.

you can visit our blogg by clicking on the following link.


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Preschool working with animal theme...
May 3, 2024
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