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Tissue Christmas Crafts

Tiffany Richins
Tissue Christmas Crafts

Christmas is a wonderful time a year to teach and talk of traditions. I love to see the little one faces light up when we chat about a familiar family tradition. I love to spring board into this activity with books about Christmas wreaths and Christmas symbols. Then, we go to creating our Christmas wreaths. First, we cut out the middle of a paper plate. Next, we paint our wreath, I let them paint them what ever color they would like. After, they are dry we go to town squishing and pushing 3 inch circle tissue on our wreaths. This is a great activity to help strengthen their little fingers. Using Goopy glue also helps them learn about quantity! Each wreath is so different and shows the personality of the child. The next day they are ready to take home. You can also add foam sticker of Christmas symbols.

Tissue Christmas Crafts
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Tissue Christmas Crafts
May 2, 2024
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