Paper Strips Christmas Tree Crafts

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Paper Strips Christmas Tree Crafts

Paper Strips Christmas Tree Crafts

Over at Learning Ship Christian Preschool, these Christmas Tree Crafts made from paper strips were a hit!


Learning Ship Christian Preschool

A Colorful Crafty Christmas Tree That Your Kids Can Make

If you are a teacher or parent of young children and are looking for something crafty for your kids to do this Christmas then why not get them to make some Christmas-tree-crafts? These are easy to create and make for colorful decorations.

1. Give your kids some colored craft paper and get them to cut the paper into thin strips using craft scissors.

2. Take a sheet of paper and draw the simple outline of a Christmas tree on it. This should be a large triangle pointing upwards for the main part of the tree with a small rectangle at the base for the trunk.

3. They should then cut the strips of colored paper to the width of the section of triangle they want to place each strip over. This should fill out the leafy part of the tree in colorful horizontal layers. Get them to place the pieces onto the tree triangle as they cut them so that they know what they have filled in.

4. Once they have all the strips of colored paper cut they should then glue each of them into place on the tree triangle. This should form colorful layers of leaves.

5. Once they have filled in the leafy part of the tree get them to cut out a thicker square or chubby rectangle of brown paper to glue into place at the base of the tree. This will form the trunk of the Christmas tree.

6. If they are feeling adventurous then they can also cut out some colorful star shapes to decorate the tree with.

At the end of this process they should have a colorful Christmas tree that any parent would be proud to display on the family fridge.

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Paper Strips Christmas Tree Crafts
December 5, 2019
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