Christmas tree activity

Teacher Fernanda
Christmas tree activity

Kids enjoyed to build this easy Christmas tree, cutting stars and ornaments and writing their wishes for Santa in the back of the strips. Make many stars as many kids you have. Draw the stars on a hard paper sheet cut them and ask kids to use it as a model to make more

Christmas tree activity

stars.You need just to cut some strips with hard colored paper and glue them together in the shape of a tear. Cut a rectangle enough big to look like the trunk of the tree. Ask them to color the trunk together with a brown color pencil. Glue the trunk to the hard paper sheet. Then ask to your kids what they want for Christmas, write their wishes on each strip, one for each kid. Make them to write their names in the opposite side of the strip. Then start to glue together the first line of strips at the bottom. You needs to do like 6 lines of strips. At the top you can make a star with a yellow hard paper Sheet and glue it at the top of the tree.

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Christmas tree activity
December 11, 2020
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