Shepherds and Religion Christmas Activity

.Charlotte Moore
Shepherds and Religion Christmas Activity

Shepherds and Religion Christmas Activity

At Little Ones’ Preschool in Lakeville, Indiana, they did an activity with shepherds that incorporated religious themes of Christianity.

 The 4 and 5-year-old classes learned about how shepherds are in charge of herding sheep and that in the New Testament they were told the, "Good news," by an angel about Jesus being born--which is why Christmas is celebrated!

The classroom heard this bible story and then sang songs about Christmas, played games themed for shepherds with their sheep, and did fun activities such as one where they made their own sheep picture!

Sheep Craft

The students had a fantastic time making their own sheep with glue sticks, paint, craft paper, googly eyes, and decorative stars. It was a fun activity that tied-in with how the shepherds who were told about Jesus were also busy herding sheep! This activity encourages creativity and also is a fun way to introduce the Christian story of Jesus and his birth AKA Christmas!

Little Ones' Preschool
Lakeville, IN, United States

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Shepherds and Religion Christmas Activity
December 14, 2019
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