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Farm sensory bin

Leah Williams
Farm sensory bin

We had a farm themed day with my own kids, other homeschoolers, and their parents. We needed something that was more of a sensory bin for the toddler aged kids, so we came up with this. It was pretty easy! We built a box, threw in different types of dry beans and some farm toys that we got from a thrift shop!

It ended up that ALL the kids had fun for hours! It was definitely our #1 hit for farm stations!

When the children were at the box, we had an adult there to explain to them a day at the farm. We also let the children use the bin as pretend play, taking turns to be the main farmer & giving instructions to their farm hands (the other children at the station with them).

Next year we plan on building more boxes and making a planting station, a station for animals, and our same box as this year.

IN ADDTITION TO THE SENSORY BINS, we had rope a horse (made with saw horses, tater toss (where they had to count the taters and toss a specific amount into each bin, & we also had a fake chicken coop for the kids to wrangle up some balloon chickens and gather eggs.

It was such a fun day!

Farm sensory bin
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Farm sensory bin
October 25, 2022
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