Having a Farm Day at School

Having a Farm Day at School

Having a Farm Day at School

At Manteca Christian Preschool, they were unable to take a trip to the farm this Fall, so they brought the farm to them! The students did fun activities, took cute pictures, and even rode real mini-horses and ponies the school was able to book to come and give the kids rides!

Cow milking

There was a wooden standee of a cow that was set up for children to squeeze milk out of. The school used real milk from cartons so that the kiddos could drink the milk after they got it!

Toy horse pictures

The students posted with a toy horse to take some fun photos where they looked like actual farmers!

Riding real live horses

The school was able to book a farm to bring some actual mini-horses and ponies. The kids had a ball riding them around the school's yard on a path that the teachers set up! It was a great farm day!

Source for photos: Manteca Christian Preschool and this link as well as this link.

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Having a Farm Day at School
November 17, 2021
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