Old Mc Donald had a farm

Paula Diaz Bueno
Old Mc Donald had a farm

This activity is directed to preschoolers or to first level students from a foreign country which is learning English.

When teaching the farm animals is quite common to use the song Old Mc Donald had a farm in order to present the vocabulary for the first time and as a motivative instrument.

Once they have listened to the song, they wil have to complete their own farm (a pice of paper in which a farm is drawn) with the animals that appear in the song and three more they like. The paper will be fodable since they can open and close the farm to show the different animals.

After that, they will have to write the name of the animal under the drawing.

This activity can be done in pairs or individually. It is advisable to continue listening to the song while they are doing the activity because they will be learning the lyrics and the names of the animals.

I adjust some photos in which we can see how the fodable works.

Old Mc Donald had a farm
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Old Mc Donald had a farm
March 21, 2022
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