Farm Theme Preschool | Farm Animals Sounds Lesson Plan

Shari Hassell
Farm Theme Preschool | Farm Animals Sounds Lesson Plan

Subject : Science

Topic: Animals

Grade: Pre-K, K


  • Be able to identify different farm animals.
  • Be able to identify the sounds of animals.
  • Be able to produce animal sounds as precisely as they can.
  • Be able to match farm animal baby's to their parent(s).


  1. Farm animal plastic toys: the cow, dog, sheep, duck and pig out
  2. Farm animal flashcards
  3. Farm animal matching game (one per student)
  4. “Old McDonald song” video clips


Introduce The Vocab

As you and your students play with the animals tell them the animal names and sounds: "This is a cat –meow, meow!".

  • cow/calf - moo
  • chicken /chick - cluck
  • dog/puppy bow - wow
  • duck/duckling - quack
  • goat/kid - baa
  • sheep/lamb - baa
  • pig/piglet - oink
  • cat/kitten - meow
  • goose/gosling - honk
  • horse/foal heee

Teach & practice the vocab

Play “Put the animal on the flashcard”

Put the flashcards on the floor. Pick up each animal toy and throw it somewhere in the classroom. Call out different students to pick up an animal and place it back on the correct flashcard.

Play “Flashcard touch”.

Keep the flashcards on the floor. Tell your students to sit around the flashcards on the floor and to put their hands up in the air. Say a flashcard (e.g. “pig”) and students have to quickly touch the correct card. Play a few rounds.

Play “The missing flashcard” game.

Tell your students to close and to cover their eyes. Turn over one of the cards. Say “Open your eyes”. The students have to shout out the missing card.

Matching Game.

Materials: Farm animal matching game (one per student)

Give each student a copy of the farm animal matching game. Ask the students to match the farm animal parents in the left column with the babies in the right column by drawing a line.

Animals an their Babies

Animal sounds worksheet.

Children match up the pictures, short phrases and the real sounds that each pictures makes in the boxes provided. Students choose sounds from a word box at the bottom of the page.

Pupils listen to “Old McDonald had a farm” song.

  • Do you like this song?
  • What are names of animals in this song? (duck, cat, cow, sheep)

I hope this lesson comes in handy! Thanks for attention

Farm Theme Preschool | Farm Animals Sounds Lesson Plan
August 6, 2019
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