Farm Matching Activity

Farm Matching Activity

Farm Matching Activity

Free Worksheets: cow, pig, goat, horse.

On farms we will often see certain animals such as cows, pigs, horses, and goats. At Sunshine and Rainbows Learning Center in Joliet, Illinois then created this fun matching activity that involves those farm animals!

As you can see from the worksheets below when they are printed out they actually do not yet match. The cow and pig are stuck together and so are are the horse and goat! This activity allows students to take these worksheets of mismatched animals and fix them up properly!

Cow and Pig

Horse and Goat

How to Do the Activity

Make sure your students have both worksheets, scissors, glue, construction paper to glue everything on after they match it correctly and crayons/markers if they want to color the pictures when done

Have students cut the worksheets up

Next, instruct students to match the correct animal front with its hindquarters and glue the correct matches onto the construction paper

After the students have matched all four animals together had glued them to the construction paper with the proper match they can then color them with their crayons/markers if they would like!

To keep students engaged during the activity you can ask questions such as, "What sound do pigs make," or, "What colors are real-life cows sometime? Are they white and black? Brown? Purple?"

Once all the students are done they can have their papers hung-up for display or take them home to show their family!

Sunshine and Rainbows Learning Center
Joliet, Illinois

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Farm Matching Activity
October 3, 2019
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