Matching Popsicle Activity

Matching Popsicle Activity

Matching Popsicle Activity

hey everyone.

Recently, i am into sewing. so i decided to make something for my toddlers.

Materials needed: 

Coloured felt cloth.

Broad ice cream sticks.

coloured paints

( I use sewing machine to sew these popsicles).

PS: if you are not good in drawing like me, you could always print them in black and white and attached it with the felt paper together and cut the template. 

Steps to do this activity:

  1. i am not good in drawing so I print a pre-print popsicles and attached it with the felt cloth and cut it accordingly. ensure to have 2 pieces each.
  2. then I painted the ice cream sticks according to the felt cloths.
  3. i sew the felt cloth and ensure I leave some space at the bottom to ensure that the ice creams sticks slot perfectly.

if you feels that sewing take extra time. you could always use quick dry tacky glue to sticks the edge of the popsicle felts.


Hand these off to your toddler and let them start to match up the colours and sticks. They can start to recognize the colours.

You could also write the name of the colours instead of painting the ice cream sticks for the older children. 

Matching Popsicle Activity
May 21, 2020
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