Dramatic Play Farm Activity

Dramatic Play Farm Activity

Dramatic Play Farm Activity

At The Children's Center Preschool, they normally could take field trips to farms if they wanted. Due to COVID-19 being an issue this year, however, field trips cannot be done. With that in mind, the teachers at the preschool made a farm themselves for the children to enjoy dramatic play within!

Farm-themed fun

The children had a fantastic time playing with this farm! There were little pretend chicks they could play with as seen above, and they played a gourd-matching game as can be seen below:

Everyone enjoyed being able to use their creativity to have fun and engage in dramatic play with the farm. Between pretending to handle little chicks, sorting gourds, and other fun activities it was wonderful bringing the farm into the classroom!

Source for photos: The Children's Center Preschool

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Dramatic Play Farm Activity
December 14, 2020
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