Firefighter Dramatic Play Activity

Firefighter Dramatic Play Activity

Firefighter Dramatic Play Activity

Children love to pretend to be different careers, and firefighters are a very popular job to emulate! This dramatic play activity lets children safely put out, "Fires," made from construction paper with their, "Fire extinguisher," which is a decorated squirt bottle!

Materials needed for this dramatic play activity

For you to set up this dramatic play activity for children you will need:

*A toy house/kitchen/etc. that will be, "On fire."

*Red, orange, and yellow construction paper.



*Spray bottle


How to prepare this dramatic play activity

To set everything up for this dramatic play activity follow these steps:

1. Take your construction paper and use scissors to cut fire-shaped pieces out of different sizes.

2. Glue some of the smaller fire pieces onto the larger pieces to make multi-colored fires.

3. Wrap a piece of red construction paper around your spray bottle and tape it on so it looks like an extinguisher.

4. Tape your fires around your toy house/kitchen/etc.

How to do the dramatic play activity

To do this dramatic play activity follow these steps:

1. Have the children dress-up like firefighters if you have clothing for it.

2. Give them a squirt bottle and tell them they need to squirt it on all the fires to extinguish them!

3. Have the children squirt all the fires and have fun!

Source for photos: First Steps Preschool Scottsdale

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Firefighter Dramatic Play Activity
September 7, 2020
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