Dramatic Play With Target and Starbucks

.Mia Brown
Dramatic Play With Target and Starbucks

At Periscope PLAYschool in Alma, Michigan it was time for exciting dramatic play as the kids were notified, "Attention shoppers," because Target and its Starbucks were open for business!

Lots of families shop at Target and a bunch of Target stores now have a Starbucks inside them. With this ins mind, the class created their own pretend Target with a Starbucks inside and proceeded to engage in dramatic play!

Shopping and Sipping (Pretend) Coffee!

Children love dramatic play as it allows them to pretend to be someone else--like a grown-up shopping at Target--and it is educational as well. While engaging in dramatic play at the store children develop math-skills in knowing how much they are, "Spending," at Target, work on their communication when they order pretend coffee, understand how it is important to take turns while waiting to check-out, and develop skills in cooperation and forming real-world connections as when we shop we often are interacting with other shoppers and employees. The class had a lot of fun with their imaginary trip to Target and Starbucks!

Periscope PLAYschool


Alma, MI, United States


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Dramatic Play With Target and Starbucks
January 27, 2020
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