Operating Room Dramatic Play

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Operating Room Dramatic Play

Operating Room Dramatic Play

The students at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School in Lafayette, Louisana had a fantastic time doing this operating room dramatic play as a part of their, "Hospital Day."

Students were given patient files that they read and analyzed. They also did Math problems to simulate the safe transplant of organs, practiced putting medication back within bottles through spelling words properly, and removed letters, "Surgically," before bandaging contractions. Also, tongue depressors were played with, medical records were adjusted, and there was mending of, "Broken ribs," by sorting details based on the main idea. To help cheer-up children who are truly in the hospital, the class made cards for kids currently at St. Jude.

Operating Room at the Preschool

In an actual hospital, the OR/operating room is where important surgeries happen. You can make your own pretend OR at your preschool however with imaginary patients, tools, and supplies too though! To create the OR at OUr Lady of Fatima Catholic School much of the supplies for the activity were easily purchased at stores such as Walmart or Dollar tree--plus some donations of expired, "Gear," from nearby hospitals that didn't need older IV poles anymore. Then there was just lots of cutting and pasting to assemble everything--plus printing-out worksheets. It took a lot of work but the final result was great fun for the kids and very educational as well!

Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School - Lafayette, La

Lafayette, LA, United States


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Operating Room Dramatic Play
January 19, 2020
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