Car Wash Dramatic Play

Car Wash Dramatic Play

Car Wash Dramatic Play

They had a lovely time doing some car wash dramatic play at Bunny Village Chid Care and Development Center LLC. The kids took the cozy coupe toy cars and were given cleaning rags and dishes of soapy water that they then enjoyed getting wet and wiping down.

Having fun at the car wash

The kids were very creative with their dramatic play as they imagined running a car was for their cozy coupe cars. Children would, "Pull up," to the car wash and get out of their cars so that their fellow classmates could get the cars wet and wipe them down. Some of the cars were a bit dirty so it was great getting them cleaned up and looking spiffy! This was a fantastic activity for the hot Summer day to cool off and have a lovely time!

Source for photos: Bunny Village Child Care and Development Center LLC.

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Car Wash Dramatic Play
June 21, 2021
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