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Spa-Themed Dramatic Play Activity

.Sophia Williams
Spa-Themed Dramatic Play Activity

Spa-Themed Dramatic Play Activity

Kids Collaborate in Winchester, California is known for having designed their unique classrooms to encourage learning while in a play-based atmosphere. 

With that in mind, it was Spa time at the school! After all, even the little ones sometimes like to get pampered too! After playing in its the students all thought the spa was a hit!

Spa Activities

The spa had a set-up for a front desk where kids could, "Check-in," or answer pretend phone calls.

Then, there was a station for play-acting at nail painting.

The kids also had a lot of fun pretending to cut and style each other's hair as well as faux-shampooing and sitting under hair dryers.

Additionally, a station was set-up for play-pedicures as well where the kids could act like they were having their nails done.

It was a delightful time, "Buying," services at the salon and the kids learned a lot about how salons work.

We have designed our unique classrooms to encourage learning in a play based atmosphere.

Kids Collaborate



Winchester, CA, United States

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Spa-Themed Dramatic Play Activity
January 13, 2020
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