Natural History Museum Dramatic Play

.Madison Wilson
Natural History Museum Dramatic Play

Dinosaur Dramatic Play

The students at Kids Collaborate in Winchester, California, were very excited to engage in some dramatic play where they pretend to visit a Natural History Museum! The classroom was set-up just like a real museum full of exciting things to survey and study.

Exploring the, "Museum," Was Fun!

Children visiting the Natural History Museum first had to, "Register," at the entrance where there were phones and clipboards full of facts about the exhibits. After getting checked-in the kids proceeded to study dinosaur bones just like mini-paleontologists! There also was an imaginary waterfall full of stuffed animals such as alligators and raccoons which the children could touch and squeeze. Lastly, before leaving the Natural History Museum everyone needed to stop by the souvenir shop where toy dinos were on-hand kids could take home and play with before returning to the school! Everyone had a great time exploring the exhibits and learning about natural history at the Natual History Museum!

Kids Collaborate
Winchester, CA, United States

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Natural History Museum Dramatic Play
January 27, 2020
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