DIY Terrarium Activity

DIY Terrarium Activity

DIY Terrarium Activity

They made their own little terrariums at Palm Coast Community School! The kiddos had a lot of fun creating a pleasant place for plants to live and said they would be sure to treat their terrariums well!

How the DIY terrariums were made

The students made these terrariums by taking a glass jar and adding wet soil, rocks, and some dry dirt as well. Then, the kiddos took a small plant and put it right in the soil. The students took their jars and put a lid on top with some holes punched in it so that fresh oxygen could get in the terrarium. Some of the students said they would find bugs outside at home and possibly add them to their terrariums as well. These DIY terrariums were great fun to make and taught the kids a lot about plants and how they grow!

Source for photos: Palm Coast Community School

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DIY Terrarium Activity
February 3, 2022
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