Five Little Pumpkins Activity

.Isabella Jones
Five Little Pumpkins Activity

This activity helps develops fine motor skills by having preschool or kindergarten students make pumpkin patch fences which then have pumpkins, "Balanced," on top!

The students at Wild Oaks Cottage School- Preschool in the Park work on making their own, "Five little pumpkins," atop their fences and it is an easy activity to put together with just a handful of materials followed by lots of fun!

Wild Oaks Cottage School- Preschool in the Park

Materials Needed for the Five Little Pumpkins Activity

Five clothespins

One Popsicle stick

Five soft candy pumpkins (Brach's Mellowcreme is one popular brand)

How to Do the Five Little Pumpkins Activity

Gather all the needed materials.

Put each of the five clothespins over the Popsicle stick so that it makes what appears to be a, "Fence."

Make sure the clothespins are spaced apart evenly enough that the fence can stand and some of the clothespins poke-above the Popsicle stick.

Take a soft candy pumpkin and put it on the edge of the clothespin that is poking-out so that the soft candy pumpkin is pushed-in on it and balanced enough to not fall.

Repeat for each soft candy pumpkin, adjust the clothespin as necessary to ensure the fence is balanced.

Once all the pumpkins are perched and balanced atop the fence you are done!

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Five Little Pumpkins Activity
October 18, 2019
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