Preschool activity

Yasmine noor
Preschool activity

Preschool activity

This is the era, where the kids must study at home. The school not allowed to open untill Covid-19 dissepeared from the earth. Working parents are looking for a good teacher to guide kida to study at home.

At this time i have a Morning class schedule, accompany student in a privat class preparation for elementary school. Kids love to do an activity in a colourfull worksheet. Challenge their imagination about, how beautiful of picture and color in this world. Every children is unique. They are looking for something fun from the way the teacher teach. They will accept us when they feel comfortable with us. Challenge for teacher is to find something that will fit to them. So, kids will easily understand the subject they learn that day. Learning is not about reading, writting and counting. But we need to input moral education for the better life.

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Preschool activity
November 15, 2021
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