"Mystery Mud," Preschool Detective Activity

Olivia Johnson
"Mystery Mud," Preschool Detective Activity

At Little Blossoms Day Care Nursery Ltd in Keighley of the United Kingdom, the class solved a mud-related mystery! They got to be detectives in the, "Butterfly," classroom due to the fact someone had brought mud into the class on their shoes. but who was it?

The class realized it was time to solve the mystery and got to work as a team looking at the clues!

The Little Blossoms Mud Mystery

To solve the mystery the class first looked at the mud. They worked out how it must have been from somebody who was wearing shoes--no slippers. The class wrote this clue down on the board (everyone took turns noting down clues). Next, the class determined that the mud must have appeared during breakfast time. Therefore, any children who had not come to school during breakfast were not a suspect. With that in mind, it had been narrowed down to two suspects!

The children of the class took turns looking a the bottom of shoes and once they thought they knew who was the cause of the mystery mud they each wrote it down on the board who it was they suspected. Finally, all the scores were counted-up and the children as a group decided who they thought it was that tracked-in the mud. It took lots of hard work and collaboration but by working together the children were able to crack the case of the mystery mud!

Little Blossoms Day Care Nursery ltd


Keighley, United Kingdom


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"Mystery Mud," Preschool Detective Activity
February 3, 2020
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