Fit Activity for Preschool What's Your Name?

Kristine Lynette
Fit Activity for Preschool What's Your Name?

Learning how to recognize and spell name is an important skill for preschoolers. This is a fun printable activity for "All about me" Theme!

Here's a great way to keep kids busy while cooped up inside. Literacy and motor skills are a great combination. Have fun! Holmen Public Preschool (Holmen, Wisconsin)

What's your name?

let's write your first and last name with this exercise!If you are looking for a real challenge, write your middle name or the names of each member of your family!

Spell out your full name and complete the activity listed for each letter

A  - Jump up and down 10 timesB - Spin around in a circle 5 timesС - Hop on the foot 5 timesD - Run to the nearest door and run backE - Walk like a bear for a count of 5F - Do 3 cartwheelsG - Do 10 jumping jacksH - Hop like a frog 8 timesI - Balance on your left foot for a count of 10J - Balance on your right foot for a count of 10K - March like a toy solder for a count of 12L - Pretend to jump rope for a count of 20M - Do 3 somersaultsN - Pick up a ball without using your handsO - Walk backwards 50 steps and skip backP - Walk sideways 20 steps and hop backQ - Crawl like a crab for a count of 10R - Walk like a bear for a count of 5S - Bend down and touch your toes 20 timesT - Pretend to pedal я bike with your hands for a count of 17U - Roll a boll using only your headV - Flap your arms like a bird 25 timesW - Pretend to ride a house for a count of 15X - Try to touch the clouds for a count of 15Y - Walk on your knees for a count 10Z - Do 10 push-ups

Fit Activity for Preschool What's Your Name?
August 16, 2019
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