Free Printable Circus Worksheets

Free Printable Circus Worksheets

Free Printable Circus Worksheets

The circus is always a fun place to visit! Full of exciting acts ranging from clowns telling jokes to animals performing tricks, the circus inspires awe in everyone young and old! These worksheets themed for the circus are a great way to develop a variety of skills in a way that is as enjoyable as it is educational.

Circus Worksheet

Students need to circle all the letters that make up the word, "Circus," for this worksheet.

Leap Trace Worksheet

The animals in this worksheet need help with leaping! Have students trace the dotted line that indicates the path each animal will take when it starts jumping.

Clown Worksheet

For this worksheet, the clown needs students to color all rings that encircle numbers red, and all the rings that are around letters the color blue.

Lion in the Arena Color-by-Numbers

This is a color-by-numbers worksheet that once completed features a colorful lion in an arena!


The Raven Magician has different animals hidden in his hats. Match the correct animal and its number to the hat holding that animal.

Shapes Worksheet

A number of shapes create the image of a clown. Students need to count the total number of each shape and write it down.

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Free Printable Circus Worksheets
January 27, 2020
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