Free Bear-Themed Printable Worksheets

Free Bear-Themed Printable Worksheets

Free Bear-Themed Printable Worksheets

Preschool students love bears and with these free bear-themed printable worksheets they can have fun while learning!

Worksheet 1: Counting Bears

Students work on their counting skills making sure they circle the right number for how many bears they see in each scene on the worksheet. For extra fun, when they're done the students can color the bears whatever color they like!

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Worksheet 2: Tracing Shapes

For this worksheet the students see a bear with a uniquely-shaped head that they then can practice tracing the shape of underneath to try to make their own matching shapes! If they want they can draw eyes and noses on their traced-shapes too so that there are a whole lot of bears on their worksheet.

Worksheet 3: Capital and Lowercase

This worksheet features a bear with the uppercase version of letters but who needs help from your students to figure-out what the lowercase version is! Students can look at the bottom of the worksheet with examples of lowercase letters and then write the one they think matches the uppercase letter to help the bear.

Worksheet 4: Number Tracing

The hungry bear on this worksheet wants the preschoolers to trace the numbers in each jar of honey so that she knows how many she has total!

Worksheet 5: Polar Maze

Mr. Polar Bear needs help getting to his son! Students need to draw him a way through the snowy polar maze so that Mr. Polar Bear can get back to his igloo and spend time with his bear cub.

How to Download for Free!

Should you want to download the file package you do have an option to do so at no cost to you!  Click here to learn how to download all 5 sheets for free!

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Free Bear-Themed Printable Worksheets
September 7, 2019
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