Free Printable Spring-Themed Activity Cards for Preschoolers

Free Printable Spring-Themed Activity Cards for Preschoolers

Sequencing Activities

When the seasons change it is a fantastic time for preschoolers to learn about the changes and explore them.

The changing of seasons often alters the outdoors and can have celebrations tied-in with them too! As children are naturally primed to be curious about the World around them, the arrival of Spring is a fantastic time to incorporate the themes of that season. Oftentimes in the Spring, there is a focus on activities such as planting, how the plant life-cycle works, and what kinds of environmental changes accompany the change in season. You can use the printable activities below with their cards to tie-in with the arrival of Spring and explore the concepts of Springtime. This will help to keep your preschoolers engaged and excited to learn about and experience Spring!

Spring Sequencing Activity

This activity has two sheets with eight cards total, and two cards each play off each other to result in four total, "Scenes," that preschool students can sequence. For example, the image of a snowman in the winter turning into a puddle in the springtime are the two sequencing cards that go together in that scenario. Also please note that these sheets can be laminated so that they can be used multiple times with numerous students!

2 sheets/ 8 cards

Kite-Flying Sequencing Activity

This single sheet has four cards that can be put in a sequence to tell a story about a young boy flying a kite!

1 sheet/4 cards

Flowers for Mother Sequencing Activity

This individual sheet also has four cards which can be put into a sequence so as to tell a story about a young girl growing a flower for her mother.

1 sheet/4 cards

Springtime-Matching Cards

This sheet can be cut up into eight cards and students then match the same spring pictures found upon each of the cards to each other.

1 sheet/8 cards

Spring Picture Pieces

This image features a bunch of young children enjoying Spring! It can be cut up and then put together like a puzzle!

1 sheet

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Free Printable Spring-Themed Activity Cards for Preschoolers
March 12, 2020
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