Fun Bear Themed Ideas For a Bear Week

Fun Bear Themed Ideas For a Bear Week

If your preschool wants to have a fun theme week one great subject to cover is that of the animals known as bears!

There are many types of bears and they are exciting to discuss. At Here Wee Grow Childcare & Preschool they did all kinds of delightful bear-related activities that you can try with your preschoolers too so that if you tackle a bear theme you won't be overwhelmed!

Bear Books

Try having a story-time where you read only books about bears. Just think about how many books there are to choose from! Whether Paddington Bear, the Berenstain Bears, Corduroy, Eric Carle books like, "Brown Bear, Brown Bear," and even more!

Make a Bear Cave

You can make your own bear cave out of everything from craft paper to a bunch of blankets--anything that looks cozy! Make this bear cave right before a Christmas break and then you can put a big stuffed bear in the cave before you talk to your students about hibernation and how bears sleep for a long time in the Winter. Then say how the stuffed bear is sleeping but soon will be ready to play! For extra-fun encourage students to make silly signs that say things like, "Do not feed the bears," or, "Shhh, bear hibernating."

Bear Ranking

Encourage kids to have a day where all the children bring their own stuffed bear dolls to class. Then everyone can rank their teddy bears in fun ways such as height (tallest to smallest) fluffiness, how firm they are, how cuddly, and whatever else the preschool students think is fun!

Bear Hunt

Don't worry, no bears get hurt in this hunt--they only get hugged! You can hide teddy bears of all sizes around your classroom and then encourage you students to find them. It is like hide-and-seek mixed with a scavenger hunt.

Teddy Bear Picnic

The weather did not allow us to have a picnic outdoors so we decided to have a indoor picnic.

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Fun Bear Themed Ideas For a Bear Week
September 3, 2019
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