Free Word Worksheets

Free Word Worksheets

These free printable worksheets are designed to help students understanding wording such as the location of objects or how living things are identified as a, "Who," and non-living things as a, "What." These worksheets are fantastic for students working to understand the complexities of words!

Where is the Kitten?

First Sheet. This worksheet asks students to look at the images of a kitten at the bottom of a worksheet before cutting and pasting them into the proper box (which kitten is on something, which kitten is in something and so forth).

Second Sheet. For this worksheet, there are more kittens positioned in various ways for students to cut and paste!

Third Sheet. This is the third and final worksheet featuring kittens positioned various ways for students to identify via cutting and pasting.

Who? What? Worksheet

To do this worksheet students color in the circles by images the appropriate color. If it is a living object or, "Who?" they color it blue. If it is no-living or, "What?" they color it red.

Circus Elephant

Students doing this worksheet color each blank circle around the elephant the matching color that goes with where the circle is located in reference to the elephant itself (Behind, On, Under, and so forth).

Ship Worksheet

In order to complete this worksheet students cut-out the fragments at the bottom of the worksheet and paste them where they belong relative to the ship.

How to Download the Files

The file package can be downloaded completely for free! It is one of the gifts you are sent upon sharing a post here at!  

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Free Word Worksheets
February 5, 2020
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