F is for Fish Activities

F is for Fish Activities

F is for Fish Activities

At Pumpkin Preschool of Shelton, they learned about the letter F and did two fun activities covering how F can stand for fish! These activities really helped impart how some words--such as fish--start with that important letter F!

Creating colorful fish

One of the fun activities the kids did was where they took a paper cut-out of a fish and glued colorful crepe paper onto it. This was a stellar activity for fine motor skills as the children carefully dabbed glue onto their fishes and then gently pressed the crepe paper atop them.

Fish and flower worksheets

The children also did worksheets that imparted lessons about how F can stand for fish, but can be at the start of and a part of other words too, such as flower! The kids had a great time doing the worksheets as well as coloring-in the fishes and flowers on them. Both activities were great for learning about the letter F!

Source for photos: Pumpkin Preschool of Shelton

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F is for Fish Activities
November 10, 2020
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