Fish Color Sorting and Matching Game

Shari Hassell
Fish Color Sorting and Matching Game

One great way to teach students about what colors match with others is by doing a fun game such as this one that involves crafted fish!

This Fish color sorting and matching game was done at Cuddlebugz Family Daycare and went over very well with the preschool students!

What You Need

A little blue piece of cloth, blue blanket, or big blue sheet of paper to serve as your, "Ocean."

Plastic Cups with little fish on them of one specific color each (at Cuddlebugz they put a fish design around the cup, but you could just decorate the cup with stickers or draw fish).

A variety of pipe cleaners or counting sticks with colors that correspond with the fish.


How to Play

1. Put all the sticks in the, "Ocean."

2. Encourage students to pick them up one-by-one and, "Feed," the fish the right color of sticks (which we are pretending is food).

3. If there are lots of students each one can have their own fish and they can compete to see who can, "Feed," their fish all its corresponding color of counting sticks the fastest!

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Fish Color Sorting and Matching Game
September 4, 2019
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