Abstract Art Using Natural Materials

Mrs. K’s Class makes abstract art using nature

While oftentimes we think of art involving things like crayons, markers, paint, glue, and things like that, it is possible to create all kinds of beautiful artwork while using completely natural materials.

This concept works great with abstract art and Mrs. K’s class at Kinder Kampus Preparatory Preschool, LLC in Archbald, Pennsylvania made their own incredible art-pieces with just some general art supplies and a whole bunch of nature!

Finding the Art in Nature

With some black construction paper, glue, and a whole bunch of beautiful things found in nature Mrs. K’s class created some gorgeous abstract pieces. The mixture of leaves, twigs, and some additional glitter resulted in incredible abstract art pieces that perfectly combined regular art supplies with a more natural kind of art.

This abstract art activity is easy to do as you simply need to gather most of your materials from nature–with Fall being an especially good time as the leaves turn all kinds of wonderful colors. With this activity students can find the art in nature, and have a great deal of fun too!

Kinder Kampus Preparatory Preschool, LLC
Archbald, Pennsylvania


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Author: .Mia Brown

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