Apple Theme Classroom Decor

.Ava Jones
Apple Theme Classroom Decor

Apple Theme Classroom Decor

"Our halls and classrooms are filling up with Art work! Here’s a few of what our wonderful artists are creating".

At Faith Lutheran Preschool in Collierville, Tennessee, they have been creating a wide-range of examples of apple-themed classroom decor. Should you want some inspiration to make your own apple-themed classroom check out some of the great designs posted here!

"We Love PreK to the Core"  Bulletin Board

This bulletin board is a clever pun about apples and how they have cores. The picture has both full apples and pictures of ones that have been eaten!

Religious Quote Bulletin Board

For another bulletin board a religious quote was used that describes fruit metaphorically by saying how our spirits are full of things such as love, joy, patience, and other wonderful concepts.

Friends in Fours

Groups of four figures representing students are all shown sharing apples on this piece of decor. It is a great way to encourage sharing--especially of tasty apples!

Apple Stacking

You can use apples shown stacked upon a picture of your student's heads in all kinds of clever ways! Maybe every-time they have a really good day they get another apple put on their noggin!

"My Favorite Apple," and Apple Painting

This decor has two steps! First, students can say if their favorite kind of apple is one that is red, yellow, or green. After that, they can paint a picture of their favorite color apple to have on display in the classroom!

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Apple Theme Classroom Decor
September 17, 2019
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