Apple Toothpick Sculptures for preschoolers

This Apple Toothpick Sculptures is a fantastic STEM activity, science experiment, and snack activity…AND it ties in wonderfully with apple themes and fall!

The 4 year old class made apple sculptures. As they work they are building small muscles needed for writing, learning to work cooperatively and building vocabulary. The Preschool at Temple Tiferet Shalom (Peabody, Massachusetts)

How to Teach Engineering to Preschoolers

The best edible engineering activity ever! Kids like poking the apples with the toothpicks and creating their sculptures!

Materials Needed:

  • Apples. Teacher need to cut the apples into different size pieces.
  • Toothpicks

Part of the STEAM learning is to engage your preschooler to think and learn through hands on activities.

Photo: The Preschool at Temple Tiferet Shalom (Peabody, Massachusetts)


Find and Count Worksheet

Search through the picture and find all the apples, carrots, cabbages
rabbits. Write the number of each found in the spaces at the bottom of the worksheet.

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